Finding things to learn is easy.
Dealing with the overload is hard.

Dendro's smart scheduling system combines your articles, highlights, notes and flashcards into a unified feed, designed to maximise long term learning.

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Incremental Reading

Tame the information overload

Lots to read?

Dendro helps you control the chaos with tools for prioritising, filtering and removing clutter.

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Remember what you learn

It's easy to read and forget.

Dendro will help you keep it in your head, for the long term.

Why you'll love Dendro

  • Incremental Reading is a game-changer and I'm grateful for such a smooth experience.

    Joe Tait Secondary School Teacher
  • The workflow is definitely something I'd been missing without even realizing it.

    Adrien Ecoffet Researcher
  • I can import a bunch of materials and trust that my mind will draw the connections while Dendro handles the feed.

    Michael DiStefano Programmer
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